By reading this post we hope this means that you are enjoying our new site!  Believing that websites ought to be vibrant, savvy and concise, we have set out to include only meaningful content for our clients and potential customers alike.  Does our content spark joy #KonMariMethod?  It does for us, as does our passion for publishing!

Inside you will find a menu of services, a little bit about SG Publishing, and most importantly, three reasons to work with us, namely;

  1. Extensive Expertise – combined, over 60 years of scholarly publishing expertise,
  2. Publish YOUR way – solutions and services to meet your unique needs, and
  3. Quality and Affordability – cost effective publication models

Our commitment is to provide customized publishing solutions that are aligned with your individual budgets and goals.

As we continue to share our approach and thoughts regarding ‘all things publishing’, future posts will cover:

  • Tangibles and Intangibles – the benefits of an impact factor

  • Journal database deposits – are they worth it?

  • The more the merrier – in-kind partnership exchanges

  • Relationships Matter

  • The kaleidoscope of Open Access

Please check back from time to time!

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We believe great publications result from our diligent and committed attention to day-to-day operations. Your success is our priority.

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